Michelle Drougas | Australian Artist 


Michelle has always worked in creative industries, but it wasn't until she started painting, particularly with fluid techniques that she found a medium she could freely express herself with. Michelle's paintings are developed using a combination of inks, fluid paints, acrylics, spray paint and pastels. 

Michelle describes herself as an intuitive artist as her pieces emerge through the process rather than going in with a clear plan. Michelle is a modern working Mum who has a love affair with fashion, style and homewares. 

"Many artists get inspired by nature or landscapes, I find inspiration in fashion and design. I can get inspired by a gorgeous fabric, a pot plant or a new top! I love exploring colours and textures, and live for the little treasures that I find in each and every piece. I love art that is impactful and strive to have this energy in all my works.  


During the creative process, I will start with an intention, a feeling or story I want to express. These intentions I hope will resonate with the viewer and create that same feeling in their forever homes."



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