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Michelle Drougas | Australian Artist 


Deeply inspired by organic elements that are immensely expressive, beautifully intuitive and evoke a magnetic sense of freedom, Michelle creates works that celebrate the core components of environmental beauty. Utilising a mix of mediums that include inks, high flow paints and markers, her creative process is liberal, highly instinctive, free of inhibitions, and aims to engage viewers by stirring emotional connections. Producing each work through a method of multilayering, the initial stages add texture, contrast and depth, as the colours and composition are worked to a refined quality, whilst the final inclusions add dimension, vitality and expression, as the paint is integrated in an exceedingly energetic approach.


Much of Michelle’s creative innovation comes from her inner lifeforce, as she challenges herself to divulged more of her internal being onto the canvas. With a style that never stays stagnate, she finds herself frequently adopting new medias, artistic techniques and creative experimentations. Striving to channel deeper profundities and reach higher realms, she is currently experimenting with digital art and portraiture, discovering unique methods of amalgamating these forms into her present pieces and existing practice.



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