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Making the Temptress

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

My weekend project was working on a long thin canvas 20"x 48", which is much smaller than the canvases I've been working on recently. It was a breath of fresh air and I loved every minute of it. Her name is The Temptress and this post will take you through the process and how she emerged.

I started the process by doing a couple of colour studies, the one on the left won!

In my usual fashion I couldn't wait to throw it all down and added my new favourite Global Hi-flow Lilac, Copic Midnight Blue Alcohol ink and Liquitex Muted Turquoise and threw in some Liquitex Deep Violet.

At this stage, not looking great but I'm loving the navy that is developing from mixture of the turquoise and purple. I'm also loving the white space but there is definitely something missing, we are missing the hero!

RED! Of course, totally takes this piece to another level. OMG love it!!

She is starting to take shape, but this little lady definitely needs some finessing. I've added some Pale Pink, Muted Grey and Charcoal. The Charcoal was added using pastel which is like a crayon. I used this in certain areas to frame and define shapes, it really felt like I was adding her eyeliner. (I'm crazy, I know!) Ive also added some Rose Gold Alcohol Ink to the red focal point, it's more like a platinum/ gun metal than Rose Gold but it looks amazing!

When I am in the flow of creating, I feel like the canvas tells me what it wants. I'll see a hint of a shape or a colour emerge that needs refining. After lots of tweaking, the Temptress emerged and she is beautiful!

Anyway, I love this piece, it is very much me. It looks amazing above our bed, I won't be too concerned if this piece stays with me for a while!

I've got another two blank canvases prepped and waiting in the studio. I'm thinking I might create my first series inspired by the temptress.

She is available in my shop. Free Shipping within Australia. Thanks for stopping by!

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