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Mixed Media on paper, ready to hang.

Signed on the front.


Celestial Whispers was born from an interplay of fluid mediums. The predominant hues of blue wash over the canvas like a tranquil ocean, creating a soothing and contemplative atmosphere.

The backdrop of soft pastel pink, tranquil aqua, and a touch of mystical lilac create a symphony of cosmic hues.


Deeply inspired by organic elements that are immensely expressive, beautifully intuitive and evoke a magnetic sense of freedom, Michelle creates works that celebrate the core components of environmental beauty. Utilising a mix of mediums that include inks, high flow paints and markers, her creative process is liberal, highly instinctive, free of inhibitions, and aims to engage viewers by stirring emotional connections. Producing each work through a method of multilayering, the initial stages add texture, contrast and depth, as the colours and composition are worked to a refined quality, whilst the final inclusions add dimension, vitality and expression, as the paint is integrated in an exceedingly energetic approach.


The dimensions are approximately 90cm X 90cm and it has been sealed with a UV protectant varnish to avoid fading and yellowing.


This artwork is unframed, choose add frame at the checkout to select your preferred frame.


Please allow 7-14 days for framing.


The pictures against the wall are for reference, whilst I they are trying to depict a true representation of size, please make sure you are aware of the dimensions before purchasing. 

Celestial Whispers

  • My artworks are made using mixed media with products such as alcohol inks, acrylic inks, acrylic paints, pastels, paint markers and spray paints. My process is intuitive, whereby each step in my process informs the next. I aim to create artwork that is not only beautiful but impactful and engages a deep connection with the viewer. 

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