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Pure Imagination is a celebration of the human spirit's inexhaustible capacity to dream, to envision, and to create. It is an ode to the unbound wonders of the mind, urging us to abandon the constraints of reality and embrace the fantastical. 


The dimensions are approximately 84.1cm X 59.4cm and it has been sealed with a UV protectant varnish to avoid fading and yellowing.


This artwork is unframed please choose frame at the check out to add framing. Allow 10-14 days for framing.


The pieces on the wall are for reference, although they are a meant to be a true representation of the sizing, please be sure that you are aware of the dimensions before purchasing. 

Pure Imagination

  • My artworks are made using mixed media with products such as alcohol inks, acrylic inks, acrylic paints, pastels, paint markers and spray paints. My process is intuitive, whereby each step in my process informs the next. I aim to create artwork that is not only beautiful but impactful and engages a deep connection with the viewer. 

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