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Ranger alcohol inks are low viscosity and perfect for use on non-porous surfaces such as yupo paper. The colours are just gorgeous, which is why they are one of the most popular alcohol ink products. 


This starter pack contains 10 of my favourite colours ranging from warm to cool and ofcourse I have include the metallics, Brass, Silver and Pearl.


The kit includes 10 pieces of Yupo paper A3 size (29.7cm X 42cm). 10 x 30ml cups for creating washes and a two pipettes used for dispensing fluid.   


You will also receive access to two tutorials, where I will take you through my process for creating art using alcohol inks and a guide on how to use the products.


Isopropyl not included. This can be purchased from your local supermarket or pharmacy. 


* Please ensure that inks are used in a well ventilated area. This product cannot be shipped internationally as they are classified as dangerous goods.


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